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Art exhibition LAST EXIT EDEN

Art exhibition l'ultim last exit eden. Stall Parli Plaz d'Ora 12 & Courtyard Plaz d'Ora 17, Santa Maria Val Müstair 03 June – 22 October 2022. Fri – Sun 12 – 6 pm. Entrance free. Info: artvm.ch.


01.07.2022 to 22.10.2022 from 12:00 to 18:00 o'clock
on Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Entrance free

Exhibition l'ultim last exit eden in Sta. Maria Val Müstair with Nadja Athanasiou, Denise Bertschi, Gabriella Disler, Marianne Engel, Michael Fliri, Andreas Frick, Filip Haag, huber.huber, Isabelle Krieg, Pascal Lampert, Peter Lüem, Esther Schena, Andreas Weber, Dominik

Zehnder,The exhibition LAST EXIT EDEN shows art from nature. Art from the idea of diversity, sustainability and the return of man to his biological core. The title of the exhibition symbolises the threatened integrity of the natural and habitat Val Müstair. On display are works by Swiss artists who have spent a long time in the valley or live here and who translate the guiding principles of the Biosfera Val Müstair Regional Nature Park and the UNESCO Engiadina Val Müstair Biosphere Reserve into art.

In the third and final issue, we focus on the fleeting and fragility in the perception of our world today with the newly added works.

Nadja Athanasiou shows the light object "reversal". Two brightly shining words that can be read forward and backwards and that show us in foreign languages without accents the connection between the seriousness of life and reverie. The work is flanked by photographs.

Gabriella Disler's audio work takes us into fleeting territory. The notes read in revolve around the distorting time, the change in our environment and oscillate between inner and outer perception.

Andreas Frick projects texts onto a stable wall in his video installation "Im Vorübergehen". They tell of fleeting impressions of nature and of the passage of time. Between poetic notes, quotations from publications on the volume of traffic and the tourist development of the Val Müstair are interwoven.

In his video projection "écho-rebomb", Pascal Lampert combines photographs of a road junction in a small town in France from 1997 with the current sound recording of an intersection in Sta. Maria. On the holey natural stone wall, the photos acquire a brittleness that makes the effects of traffic on both places visible.

Peter Lüem builds an ark wedged in the stable in response to the world rolling inexorably towards catastrophe. Already under construction, the boat skeleton has a striking side, sinks into the sediment of history and plays with the in-between of mysterious places.

The desire for intact nature and its economic, touristic and cultural use inevitably lead to areas of tension. As a landscape, the Val Müstair exemplifies this problem. We are pleased to bring this last exhibition to a pointed conclusion.


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